Last updated: January 2, 2010

No New Year’s resolutions! 03. stycznia 2010 09:14:00 Komentarze (0)

Two in every three Poles will be not be making any New Year’s resolutions as the clock strikes midnight, tonight.

Sixty two percent of Poles will be making no New Year’s resolutions for 2010, says a poll by Gfk Polonia pollsters. Only 17 percent declared that they will be making some commitment to change bad habits or do good works. 


But among those who will be making resolutions, most want to quit smoking. Every fifth wants to lose weight. The same percentage wants to spend more time with their children. 


Nine percent say they will save more in the bank and eight percent dream of a new job. 


But sociologist Janusz Czapinski believes that plans made on January 1 are rarely implemented. According to the expert, if you want to do something to your life, you should do it regardless of the date on the calendar.

The GfK Polonia survey conducted on 18 - December 22 from a sample of 989 people. (pg)

Source: Rzeczpospolita



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